Anyone with a product or service for sale can become an Merchant in affiliate marketing

Blockchain based affiliate marketing for Merchants

No more high network fees

Affiliate Networks charge 10-35% commission, Attrace reduces this to ~0.5-5%.

No more entry barriers

Long Tail and Emerging Markets acceptance will be based on reputation, not at the discretion of an Affiliate Network.

No more cookie spamming by Publisher

Publishers will be refrained from getting engaged into cookie spamming due to reputation statistics and costs involved.

Real Value payments

Payout based on very precise definitions and if needed based on dynamic scaling.

Direct connection Publishers and Merchants

Direct communication between Publishers and Merchants via advanced messaging board.

No more exclusive contracts

You can work with as many Publishers and or Consultants within or outside the Attrace ecosystem as you like.

Intuitive, easy-to-use platform

State of the art User Interface - with all statistics shown guaranteed being the absolute truth (due to underlying blockchain tech) - and help desk for additional support.

No more data privacy / GDPR issues

Attrace is superior in terms of GDPR compliance compared to any traditional affiliate marketing ecosystem.

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Reach your target audience via the Attrace network of Publishers

In affiliate marketing a Publisher website advertises an Merchant product or service. Potential customers are redirected via the Publisher website to an Merchant product page. Only when this results in a sale does the Merchant pay the Publisher a commission. This means that via the Attrace ecosystem Publishers will partner with your brands to promote products and services to their audiences. Attrace can accommodate any sector: Retail, Financial, Telco, Insurance, Broadband, Games etc.

About Attrace

How it works

Whether you are selling a product or service, looking for App downloads or email registrations, the Attrace ecosystem can accommodate you as an Merchant in affiliate marketing.

  1. Sign up with the Attrace ecosystem
  2. Upload your ad details
  3. Connect with the Publishers of your choice
  4. Get traffic
  5. Pay Publishers the agreed price per Sale, Download or Lead

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How the Attrace ecosystem can help your brand

Promote via high-quality Publishers

Guaranteed accuracy, safety and security with the highest regulatory standards and subject to all relevant compliance rules. Sign up and search the Attrace directory of Publishers to find the right partners for your affiliate program, based on content (e.g. comparison sites), cashback, blogs, influencers etc. and the Attrace reputation metrics.

Once accepted, Publishers can be monitored based on their reputation metrics (please check FAQ for more details).

Attrace gives the opportunity to directly communicate with each Publisher to further help your collaboration or decision making process in case needed.

Attrace marketplace

The Attrace marketplace is a very intuitive Interface that will help Merchants finding and contacting Publishers with key demographic bases or test new promotional methods.

Publishers can be selected based on various variables presented in the marketplace, for example space to advertise (any placements, blogs, and sponsorship opportunities), details of reach, timing, cost and demographic relevance.

The marketplace also enables direct conversations with Publishers regarding their placement opportunities.

Voucher attribution

Voucher attribution allows an Merchant to give an exclusive voucher code to a Publisher which can then be used to track all transactions made using that code, regardless of any other tracking or marketing channel used. The Publisher will be rewarded commission for sales made using the exclusive voucher code.

Voucher attribution helps to facilitate and open-up partnerships between Merchants and e.g. Social media influencers whom are either unable to use affiliate links on certain platforms or do not wish to use traditional tracking methods. Given that the model is still based on the cost per acquisition (CPA) payment model, Merchants can maintain ROI and ensure control of spend against voucher code activity.

Dynamic payments

The Attrace ecosystem offers a range of payment flexibility options. These allow Merchants to collaborate with different types of Publishers, collaborate across different campaigns or bringing new objectives into the affiliate channel. The basic options are:

  • Payment on Influence: Payment on influence allows the Merchant to assign a fixed commission amount for Publishers who facilitate a click as part of a purchase journey, without obtaining the last click. This way of working is popular with upper funnel Publishers, who are often influential in the decision making process during the research phase of a customers’ journey.
  • Commission by Basket Value: Commission by basket value allows the Merchant to adapt their commission structure for one or more Publishers working on a campaign for a fixed period of time. Without additional integration needed, defined limits can be added to allow Publishers to be paid on a different model compared to the main commission structure. This option is often used to encourage increased order values through cashback and loyalty platforms, push key product ranges or focus on higher purchases across the programme.
  • Commission by Sub Variables: Commission by sub variables allows the Merchant to have their commission structure subject to any automatically measurable variable. Sales commissions generated by Publishers should ideally always be based on real-value factors like time of day, geolocation, demographics, visitor behaviour or LTV. The Attrace ecosystem can fully facilitate these very precise definitions and dynamic pricing. Moreover, this principle also covers the concept of shared payments: Allowing for the registration and allocation between multiple Publishers of the commissions earned, for example in case of re-targeting activities by an another Publisher.
  • CPL or CPD Campaigns: The Attrace ecosystem is also able to run cost per lead (CPL) or cost per download (CPD) campaigns on a programme by programme basis. This allows Merchants to reward Publishers for driving leads, newsletter sign ups, brochure requests or a range of other quantifiable actions. Cost per download campaigns are usually run on an App-download basis.