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There is no central authority to moderate and audit payments

Attrace is a decentralized affiliate marketing ecosystem. This means there is no central authority that has any leverage over the end users (e.g. the Publishers and Merchants), in that way bringing back control to the end users resulting in many advantages (around costs, data privacy, trust etc.).

This however also means there is no central authority that will arrange / moderate / audit payments between the end users. Given that Attrace is a decentralised network, end users should arrange this with each other directly.

However, not to worry, there are parties on the Attrace network – called Payment Registrars - that can offer services that enable very easy direct payments between end users.

Why do I need to use a Payment Registrar?

Why can I not directly pay my counterparty via PayPal, why has the payment flow via PayPal been set up via a Payment Registrar?

Well, actually, you can if you completely trust your counterparty. If not you can use a Payment Registrar:

What is a Payment Registrar?

A Payment Registrar:

  • Is a piece of software that enables easy payments via PayPal between end users
  • Validates that all is paid according to the agreements between the end users
  • Assures registration of these payments on the Attrace network for validation and reputation score
  • Assures registration of your payments on your own – locally hosted(!) – UI for your own overviews
  • A Payment Registrar does not have access to the funds paid between end users, it can only register the payments on the Attrace network

The payment registration on the networks happens via ATTR tokens, however the end users does not need to have knowledge or understanding about this. Just FYI:

  • Attrace issued a token (ATTR) that can be used to interact with the Attrace Network, for example, to register agreements, the (status of) leads generated by a Publisher or the status of a payment
  • This token is solely used to work as a measurement / audit tool "under the hood" of the Attrace network
  • The Payment Registrar uses this token to register and validate payments between end users

Attrace has set up an Attrace Fiat Payment Registrar named, which is a service free of charge (excluded what PayPal might charge for a transaction of course).

How does this work ADVERTISER SIDE

In the overview page of your UI you can see how much outstanding commissions you need to pay to your Publisher:

Select “Go to Approved Sales Payments” after which you will see:

Select the available Payments Registrars (read: 3rd parties willing to register the payments on behalf of you on the Attrace network)

For example select AffPay Payment Registrar (validated by Attrace):

Click continue

You will then be asked to give this 3rd party Payment Registrar the authority

  • to execute the PayPal payment on behalf of you via the Attrace network (which works via the ATTR token for registration / tracking purposes)
  • to write the PayPal payments on behalf of you on the Attrace network

Once you have authorised your account is connected to PayPal. This is something you only have to do one time.

You can then select the Publishers you would like to pay:


Click "Enter"

Login to your PayPal environment to execute the payment:


And you have successfully paid your counterparty.

On top of that you have now also:

  • Validated and registered this payment on the Attrace network (blockchain) so set in stone
  • Automatically updated your admin in your UI

For further explanation please reach out via the socials.

Very best,